Epic September Backyard Garden Harvest 🍇

By | September 10, 2022

We Harvest a lot more than just Grapes today!

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What’s going on girls it’s James
Prigioni coming to you live from   Jersey today me and Tuck want to
take you along with us for a massive   September Garden Harvest I’m talking
grapes on grapes on grapes let’s go The only way to start this Garden Harvest is to
grab a ridiculous amount of grapes look at these   Niagara grapes look how magical it looks when
the sun glistens through the grapes it’s just   Absolutely incredible in my opinion so we’re not
just grabbing green grapes today though we’re also   Going to grab some purple grapes peer to the right
just a little bit we’ve got some Catawba grapes   Looking ripe absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait
to grab them we’re going to start stacking them on   This table right here and I’ll show you how I’m
going to harvest a bunch of them but before I do   That I want to show you something that could be
encouraging this Grapevine I bought both these   Grapevines just from Home Depot or Lowe’s 10 or 12
years ago stuck them in the ground and now we’re   Getting blessed with an insane amount of food
I want to take a quick second to mention me and   Tuck just dropped the full merch and we’re super
excited about it we’re really happy with the way   It came out so if you want to grab one and Sport
it all season long grab one at jamesprigioni.com   As you go back up you’ll notice how I pruned
these grapes so that all the fruit would be   Hanging right above us and we could have just this
picturesque place where we can Harvest some grapes   Let’s quit talking and get this I’m harvesting
first let me grab a couple of these Catawbas right   Here look how beautiful they look oh absolutely
insane especially when you take that little   The white stuff off it that good bacteria so
we’re gonna start stacking some of these up   Right here and I really got to harvest these
Catawba grapes because the critters have really   Start to snack on a lot of them so if you look
right up here just as they’re starting to get   Ripe the birds are coming by and snacking on all
my grapes so I’m going to harvest a lot of them   Today let’s get some of these green grapes too
though just I mean sometimes when I don’t even   Know where to harvest them there’s just so many
it’s a it’s like a game a lot of fun look at this What is that like 10 seconds and look at
the beauty this is why we grow food at home   Nothing like it so let’s keep stacking let’s try
to fill basically this whole entire table up I’m   Not gonna do it all right now because I think
it would get a little monotonous just standing   Here harvesting grapes for you know 20 minutes
but I’m gonna get a few more clusters and then   At the end I’ll show you what it looks like
when they’re all stacked on the table let’s   Get some really nice ones like this one look
at this thing let’s cut this whole piece out   Oh look at that incredible let’s get
this one too because why not right   Oh my gosh you love to see it
let’s stack this on the table Look at that look how many are left and look
how many we’ve gotten so this is just the start   I’m gonna have more grapes than I know what to
do with it looks like we’re going to be doing

A lot of processing a lot of jelly making but
let’s move on to some more Harvest because we   Are just getting started let’s go over here grab
one of the pears I’ve shown you these before these   Are the chojuro pears known as the butterscotch
pear because they taste like butterscotch when   They’re super ripe they’ve started to fall to
the ground look at this just in the last couple   Days or so I just come by bump it to it and it
just falls into the ground look that’s ripe look   How orange and yellow look at the color oh man I
can’t wait to taste this this is when they truly   Taste like butterscotch let me bite into this
one because this thing is perfectly ripe mmm Completely different flavor than a couple weeks
ago it starts with that insane amount of sweetness   That butterscotch flavor and then the end it’s
just mild delicious and almost crunchy like an   Apple like not super soft like a regular pear
because this is an Asian pear and I prefer the   Asian pears over the European pears to be honest
let me show behind you behind me let me show you   This is a persimmon tree so we’re still
going to be harvesting fruit even after   The frost that’s when this one’s ripe so
if you set things up correctly you grow   A diverse Garden you could be harvesting
fruits for an insane amount of time that’s   How we like to set it up we’ve got some more
pears down here that just fell on their own   Look at that now they’re beautiful and
we’re going to grab that grab this one here   And then I’m probably going to grab just
a few more because we’re getting to the   Point where they’re so ripe and so sweet that the
squirrels and everything are starting to take them   So we’ll just grab a few more of these
here the ones that are super super ripe   Look at that we’ll put that in and let’s keep
moving because we got plenty more things to grab   Swing to the right over here look at this Criolla
de Cocina Pepper have you seen like how many   Peppers on one plant and this thing’s grown in
a bucket so I’ve said it before you don’t have   A good enough excuse not to grow food if you’re
trying to say that you don’t have enough space   Or you don’t have a place to plant into the
ground you don’t have to grow in the ground   You can just grow in buckets like this let me
grab a couple of these Jimmy nardellos because I   Took a bunch of the criolla de cocinas before grab
some of these jimmies love this variety so much so   Sweet old Italian heirloom variety really good
stuff let’s go over here we got another pepper   Grab this guy here not completely ripe but still
beautiful it’s definitely pepper time at this time   Of the year so it’s a lot of fun look at this
candy cane Zinnia here still doing excellent   Striking my favorite flower I think visually of
the year and then let’s grab some cucumbers right   Here here’s the Cucumber trellis that we put
in just this year doing absolutely beautifully   Loaded with some cukes let’s grab start down low
here grab this one very just perfectly looking   Cucumber so what you love to see really nice
stuff grab this one here another variety up top More of them in here

Up here but we’re going to leave those for now
they’re kind of small we got other things to   Grab let’s keep moving let’s grab one of these
Honeycrisp apples I I can’t help but grab one   Every day I don’t like uh you know grabbing
them all at once I like going out periodically   And every day or two grabbing an apple and then
just it’s like uh every week or so I grab one   And I get to taste how the uh how the maturing
of the Apple has changed the flavor so like a   Couple weeks ago they were kind of sprity I’m
assuming they’re going to be a little sweeter   At this time so this is the one I’m going to
grab right here look at the size of it this   Is my all-time favorite flavored Apple the
honey crisp look how easily that snapped off   The branch that’s what you like to see again it
could could use a couple more weeks of ripening   But these honey crisps when you go to the store
and buy them this is usually what they look like   This still has an incredible flavor it’s got
that more sprity flavor then it ends with the   Extreme sweetness look at the shine the natural
shine just breathtaking let’s check the flavor Lost a lot of sweetness I meant lost
a lot of its sourness look at the   Look at the color of the flesh it’s got
that more tan color this is real food   So incredibly delicious let’s keep going we got
more stuff to grab I’ll finish snacking on that   One later Tuck’s busy but it actually
looks like we got a cucumber right here   Let’s grab this Cuke right there and uh you’ll
notice there’s a lot of there’s a big squash just   Trellising along the ground this is the zucchino
rampacante I’ve got it growing in a few different   Places but here I just allowed it to take over
the whole section there’s a few uh fruits right   Down there that are small get about to get big but
they have a nice flavor to them I tried them once   Already and over there we’ve got the watermelon
getting really big we’re just waiting on this   Baby to finish but this is the Ali baba watermelon
look at the sheer size of that beast can’t wait to   Cut into that thing I’ve got a few cucumbers over
here I’m just gonna grab hanging from my trellis   Back here more of the suyo Longs we’re just going
to take these real quick I know I got another one   Hidden in there somewhere there it is and then
we’re gonna keep moving along so let’s grab these   And let’s keep going I’ve talked about it before
but you know this is this is what happens when   You grow a Food Forest I mean sometimes you gotta
hop over this to jump over that but we just try to   Get the most out of the space that we have and we
have a blast doing it let’s get some Tomatoes here   This one this plant is just I mean it’s so
satisfying to me it’s blown me away because   This is the Tomato that I uh grafted so I didn’t
expect it to be doing this well we’re getting   Excellent production production out of the grafted
tomato these side of tomatoes don’t look great but   This side looks just incredible and look two
varieties same plant here’s the uh here’s the   Blue Cream Berry striking color on these ones in
very mild sweet flavor an overall great tomato   Let’s keep going though we got a lot more stuff
to grab let’s swing it to the other food Forest

Before I move into that food Forest I want to
show you something these are the Mexican gherkins   Look how much it’s taken over this whole entire
fence line so let me grab one of them and tell   You how they taste look how many there are though
they’re just everywhere look at these things they   Look like little little watermelons look at them
they’re just stacked look how many five right here   I mean you couldn’t Harvest all these unless
you if you tried there’s that much fruit let’s   Pop into our mouth and taste it hmm incredible
crunch it almost has that like a little bit of   That flavor when a cucumber is a bit over ripe
a tiny hint of that sourness but it doesn’t have   Like any bitter flavor at the end it’s actually
a nice flavor one thing I would mention is do   Not plant more than one of these because it will
take over another thing I’ll mention is this plant   Is going to reseed everywhere because there are
so many Mexican gherkins so if you don’t want to   Deal with that then don’t plant it but just know
there’s going to be a lot of plants you’re going   To have to pull out next year because this thing
is going to reseed like a madman we’ve got more   Zucchinis peppers and some stuff that I’ve never
even shown you that I harvest let me hop back here   And grab some stuff before that though I
actually dropped my pruner so I’m gonna go   Back and get them grab the pruners let’s continue
the harvesting but before I do that the boss is   Asking for some water let’s give them a little
bit Tucky Over Here Boy want some water tuck   So let’s fill this thing up it’s getting hot out
here the boss needs his water because uh we need   Him to supervise we need him to guide and we need
him to lead because that’s what he is the leader   We we’ve been referring to him as the little
boss the little boss that makes big moves right   Boy if you love seeing the boss in the video spam
some hearts down low and hit the Subscribe button   Another thing I wanted to mention is to grab some
merch down at jamesprigioni.com grab a food forest   Shirt grab a team grow shirt and just be part
of the team let’s keep harvesting I wanted to   Grab a few things first we’ll grab this pepper
right here look at the beauty look at the color   Not the biggest pepper but still a striking color
on that I’ve got some things I got to grab in the   Back something that I’ve never grown before and
I’m super excited to show you guys so let’s move   Back here I gotta dance around do a little balance
beam act grab some peppers so let’s get that A few Peppers here I’m gonna grab a zucchini back
here too oh man almost lost it nice zucchini back   Here so this was a keyhole raised bed but the
squash and everything kind of took over and we   Had to let it happen let me grab something here
that I’ve never grown check this out right here   A bitter melon let me bring it over so I showed
you a bitter melon that I grew earlier in the year   And if you guys missed it it was definitely a
treat because I tried to eat the bitter melon raw   And uh let’s just say I shouldn’t have done that
it was one of the most bitter terrible tasting   Things I’ve ever had but now I know you need to
cook it up look at this tell me this thing doesn’t   Look like it’s from another planet absolutely
beautiful looking striking this is the Okinawan

Uh bitter melon so really cool one thing that
caught my attention was I’m pretty sure if it’s   Perfectly ripe that the seeds inside should be
red so I’m hoping the seeds are red inside and   It just looks even cooler let’s check it out
and then we’ll bring it inside and I have to   Cook it up hey this guy’s stealing my Peppers
what are you doing buddy stealing my peppers   This guy’s always grabbing
something from the garden let’s see   No red seeds yet so I probably should have let
it go a little longer still a really cool looking   Fruit but I think it’s pretty obvious this is my
first time ever growing the bitter melons because   This isn’t the first mistake I made in regards
to the bitter melon spot we’ll learn we’ll grow   And uh and we’ll adjust right boss man he’ll
have to teach me something let’s keep going I   Gotta show you this variety of grapes after I
get up a couple Tomatoes it’s uh the Reliance   Grape it’s got the most beautiful sets on it
and the grapes are seedless so the color and   The flavor been so good more beans that we need
to harvest look at this Dragon tongues at the   Wazoo purple beans so many tough to stay on top
of them because they’re so dang productive let’s   Keep going check out the lemon Boy tomato this
thing is always my favorite late season producer   It just kicks out Tomatoes when everything
else slows down this thing doesn’t even take   A breath it just keeps pumping out Tomatoes get
those ones in and then I got a nice fat one here Another one here yeah this uh this tomato doesn’t
know when to slow down headed into fall it just uh   It just keeps on going and it will continue
to produce up until the frost gotta love it   Behind me to the left here are these German
lunchbox Tomatoes too really enjoying these   Kind of an odd size it’s like right between a
cherry and like a a little bigger one it’s like   An egg tomato the shape pretty good nice
flavor but overall good production on this   Tomato impressed with it definitely especially
for it not being a hybrid so look at this guy   Every time I turn around I’m getting robbed
it’s always looking for something different   All right let’s keep going I got to show you
that uh I gotta show you those grapes real   Quick let me bring you over to the Reliance and
just uh I mean they look so cool come this way so   These purple grapes growing along the
fence line it’s so easy for the birds   To see it so they’re just they have
just ravenously attacked all my stuff   The insect netting has helped tremendously but
there’s they still got a good amount of them I   Still have one incredible set left I gotta show
you look at these look at the Reliance grape   These ones are so amazing they don’t have
seeds in them the flavor is incredible and   Definitely my favorite fresh eating grape
of any of the varieties that I’m growing So good almost Indescribable let’s see if tuck
wants a carrot let me bring over to a section and   As you walk by just notice how we’re lowering
and leading these tomatoes so this trellis is   More than just getting uh you know 10 tomatoes
and 10 square feet and getting a lot out of that

Square footage it’s about getting the most out
of the vertical growth and bending them like   This so it’s accessible and easy for us to harvest
come on this way a couple more Peppers over here You notice I plant a lot of my things all
in polycultures all different kind of plants   Growing together symbiotically helping to support
one another and helping to confuse a lot of pests   Here’s the White Satin carrots I know a lot of
these some of these got massive because uh look   At a double carrot I left them a little long let’s
get a better one for the boss he doesn’t deserve a   Double carrot he deserves a massive beautiful
white satin hey hey back off bus here you go   These ones have incredible flavor on
them I don’t think does he want that one   Yeah he’ll take a bite or two and actually
let me take a bite because these ones   The thing about this carrot is it kind of looks
ugly it looks like almost like a parsnip but it   Grows incredibly well and the flavor is amazing
so it’s definitely worth planting not for like   An artisan you know selling it maybe at
a you know Artisan carrot it’s not that   It’s not anything incredible looking like I
said it’s kind of ugly but such good flavor Um I took too big of a bite of that one but really
sweet especially for not even heading into winter   A lot of these carrots I want to save in the
ground so that once we get it cold weather it   Brings out the sugars and the carrots it makes
the flavors even better this is a big massive   Orange one though that we gotta grab splitting at
the end probably left this one a little bit too   Long but look at that massive carrot one more I’ll
grab just because once you start harvesting it’s   Almost like addicting it’s fun to grab them out of
the ground look at this one that is a carrot and   Look at the Boss look looks like the boss likes
the orange ones better what do you think boy let   Me give you a piece of this one I think they’re
actually too big for him to be honest let’s see He can’t even bite it A little too big it looks like they’re tuck
approved for sure though let’s keep moving   I’m just gonna grab one or two more things
and I’ll let you go it’s just uh once you get   Started with these kind of videos harvesting all
the stuff it’s almost impossible to stop let me   Let me go this way just grab a few Peppers here
then we’ll call it a day they’re purple Beauty   Productive pepper does really well get
some harvests of these little guys here   So and actually let’s grab this eggplant
before we leave final thing eggplant here   Oh yeah you love to see it still got some apples
and stuff that aren’t right behind me and uh   It’s just a lot of fun to know that not only do we
have a big Harvest today but there’s still so many   Things that we have to grab in the future so it’s
like uh I don’t know it’s just it’s a paradise   It’s the bad thing is I’ve talked about it before
it’s a paradise for every animal and every bird so   Sometimes it’s a bit of a competition to get to
the Harvest before they do but overall couldn’t

Be happier with the Harvest and me and tuck
are so happy you guys are here with us that’s   Today’s video Growers thanks for watching I hope
you enjoyed it I hope you got something out of   It these are always mine and Tuck’s favorite
videos just run around like a madman feeling   Like a kid on Christmas just grabbing presents
you know everywhere you turn around it’s just   So much fun and you got the boss fighting his
way through the vines looking for cucumbers   Just having a blast out here too it’s a it’s
definitely a paradise for all of us so much fun   Look at that little guy it’s so funny when he’s
going through the the cucumbers and stuff the best   Is when we come out early in the morning and the
Dew is on the plans and he’s like walking through   All the The Vines and stuff and his face is just
all soaked and he just comes it’s hilarious and   The guy is so precious look at the face I could
be mad at this guy makes you spam some hearts   Down in the comments if you love seeing the little
boss in the videos and smash that subscribe button   Right boy me and Tuck also wanted to thank
one of our newest channel members J. Terry   Thanks for being a part of Team grow thanks for
contributing thanks for having your hand in the   Grape Harvest because you do and every other
every other Harvest that we uh that we get out   Of this Garden it’s uh it’s always hard for me to
close these videos out because I want to spend as   Much time with you guys as I can out here because
you know I have got a little too much pride for   The garden but when you put a lot of work and
time into something and actually pays off it   It’s a it’s definitely a rewarding experience so
I want everyone to have these same opportunities   That I have and even if you don’t have the space
you can still get it in a bucket last thing I   Want to mention is grab some of the merch down
a Jamesprigioni.com grab your food for a shirt   Grab a team grow shirt and join the team James
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