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By | February 24, 2023

Nations are quickly beginning to align, but cracks are starting to show. China is moving closer to the red line. Weather threatens the US and H5N1 now has confirmed cases of jumping to humans. Download the Start Preparing! Survival Guide here: – start your preparedness journey:

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Is Russia winning its war in Ukraine and Against the Western forces is China About to throw its support Wholeheartedly behind Russia if so That's going to change everything half The country is in a winner advisory even As the other half experiences record Highs for this time of the year and There are now confirmed human h5n1 avian Flu cases an issue that we've been Warning about over the last few weeks We're going to explore all these topics And answer all these questions as Briefly as we can here plus we're going To be doing two giveaways this week to One lucky subscriber so let's go ahead And jump in Russia I will be the first to tell you That we don't know exactly how this Conflict is going to resolve itself I Honestly don't know and while both sides Have won various skirmishes it's really Unknown how this will all play out in The end what I do know is that we can See and corroborate the facts that I Give and interpret and only time will Tell what Victor emerges and what the World will look like when that actually Does happen so to the question is Russia Winning if you measure that by the loss Of life and the material in the Battlefield support and Supply Replenishment or troop morale and Willingness to fight you may be inclined

To say that they're not now if you look At it from the perspective of the Ability to drag the conflict out Indefinitely and strengthening of the Alliances that allow the country to Sustain its economy Even build deep Economic relations through bricks that Would enable it to function even better Free from the Western influences you Might say that they are winning if you Examine the opinions of Russia's people To see that dissent is squashed or Driven from the country in a steady Stream of anti-western propaganda has Created a collective mindset that Winning in Ukraine is the only option to Avoid destruction and enslavement by the West then you might also say that They're winning independent polling Claims that 75 percent of Russians Approve of the war a figure that has Been relatively stable since March of 2022 that support dipped during the Mobilization of mass Exodus of fighting Age men out of Russia but the belief That Russia must win this war now that Is engaged in remains shockingly High Likewise Putin's approval rating is 80 Percent some 15 to 20 percent higher Than before The Invasion many Russians Believe that Putin is Waging War against Ukrainian Nazis NATO and the United States driven hegemony for older Generations the Cold War never truly

Ended in theory even those who might Oppose a war grudgingly acknowledge that Winning the conflict now is the only Viable option or their country may be Torn apart the chances that Russia will Fall from within and be forced to Withdraw from Ukraine it fades daily Even as thousands of Russians are sent To fight in Ukraine contrast Russian Support with support for Ukraine the United States support among Americans For providing military aid to Ukraine It's Fallen to 58 according to a new Reuter survey of more than 4 000 Americans conducted from February 6 to February 13th of this year a drop from The 73 percent who said they backed the Transfer of weapons in April last year Now President Biden only has a 49 Approval rating Congress is incredibly Divided and it has a dismal 21 approval Rating no surprise but can support for Ukraine and a united front driving NATO Forces to be sustained with poll numbers That low but what's in a poll we know Polls can be horribly Off the Mark so Let's just look at the facts absent Profits from the west and effectively Restrain from accessing markets in Europe Russia has propped up its Currency and built massive Cut Rate Deals with with countries willing to Turn a blind eye to their aggression in Ukraine there are considerable questions

As to whether sanctions against Russia Are even working right now for example South Africa is conducting joint Naval Operations with Russia China has Negotiated the Siberia II gas pipeline And Russia has committed billions to it Their leaders frequently meet and expand Their financial dealings even as Chinese Tech shows up on the Ukrainian Battlefield China is showing more Significant signs of soon directly Supporting Russia's actions India has Negotiated deals with Russia to build Tanks it may even be committing their T90s tanks to the war in Ukraine Previously India had already aimed to Deal with Russia for billions in Supersonic missile exports India is also Trying to get G20 countries to follow Putin's instruction not to refer to Russia's war in Ukraine as an actual War India tried to convince members of the G20 to call the war instead a crisis or A challenge Iranian drones with modified Explosives are in a full effect in Ukraine and for years OPEC plus of which Russia Iraq and Iran are all members They have placed production and profit Over involvement in actions no matter How brutal or nefarious that member Countries May inflict on other countries Or within their own borders the Western Doctrine of intervening in the Affairs Of other countries even on behalf of

People facing brutal autocracies or Dictatorships is seen as a heavy-handed Approach that has played itself out now The countries that I just mentioned and Many others in the southern hemisphere Either outright don't support the United States and Ukraine in this conflict or Are waning in their tepid support the United Nations is far from United in its Stance on this conflict any examination Of the vote count in the United Nations Or even NATO for that matter shows that The frame conflict between democracies And autocracies is anything but solid Many countries in the United Nations are Just abstaining altogether from Condemning Russia's actions EU country Trees are having difficulty agreeing on The anniversary of Russian sanctions Many of the NATO countries remain Conflicted about participation in the Conflict and struggle to keep their People in support of this conflict on The other hand Putin has masterfully Reached out and forged alliances and Partnerships knowing that to be involved In the west also means being subject to Its rules if Russia is losing the Conflict on the ground in Ukraine They're winning in the rest of the world And I'm going to be honest with you at This point it is anything but clear who The eventual winner of this war this Crisis this Challenger whatever you want

To call it what is happening in Ukraine Will be one thing though is Crystal Clear Western influence and world Affairs is being challenged the world Order that we've lived under since the Previous world wars is beginning to Change in axis of countries is forming And strengthening by the day even as Western allies become fragmented and Wane and support the axis and Allied Forces know that to win this war they Must eventually commit more than a slow Ramp up a progressively more lethal Equipment now before this is over there Would be an actual World War on multiple Different fronts so is Russia going to Emerge Victorious is Putin winning the Day and saying of course jijing ping Might later follow our Western influence Over geopolitics and World Order waning Time will only tell anyone who can Definitely answer those questions for You is not playing with a full deck There's a lot of moving pieces and They're quickly moving for our part We're going to continue to monitor this Conflict with as many sources as we can Find within the queue die as to how it Will directly impact your lives what do You think is this the end of the world Order is Russia losing on the Battlefield but winning on the larger War of restructuring the world order let Us know your opinions and insights in

The comments section below China from Spy balloons to lasers directed at the Philippine Coast Guard ships to Submarine cables that connect Taiwan Being cut to frequent meetings with Russia and a failure to condemn their Actions even supporting the Wagner group With surveillance technology it should Be adamantly clear that China is very Strongly asserting its dominance on the World stage to its own Advantage China's Top foreign policy official Wang Yi he Just met with Putin and Xi Jinping is Rumored to be planning a meeting in Either late March or April Beijing Claims that they just want to broker Piece and at the same time they are Profiting greatly from Russia's turn to Them to Market resources and reduce Costs and to Garner assistance in Russia's War now the increased tensions In the South China Sea and the Pacific Drive them further into the welcoming Arms of Russia in their mutually Proclaimed No Limits relationship Decades ago beijing's network of Underground Fallout shelters was Actually designed to protect the Citizens of the Chinese capital from a Nuclear war with the Soviet Union now The relationship between the two Countries has decidedly changed to the Economic gain of both in a shared Condemnation of U.S hegemony China's

Direct support while far from inevitable May remain lackluster the country plans Again from either a Russian Victory Which would lessen Western influences in Oversight or a Russian loss which would Leave large swaths of Siberian resources More open for exploitation Russia does Hold some Sway in the relationship Because of the resources but also Because of their joint armed relations With India now Russia is signing deals For missiles and tanks with India even As China and India continue to amass Troops and Clash along their shared Border undoubtedly any sino-russian deal Would be signaled by Russia defaulting Or withdrawing from its missile and tank Deals with India if that does occur a China and Russia direct partnership will Be in full effect currently however it Remains a trump card for Russia to wield In negotiations with China for dill Support or the commitment to turn a Blind eye to whatever's happening in Ukraine on February 24th the one-year Anniversary of the invasion China plans To release details of a proposal to Bring peace to Ukraine now I'm recording This video on Thursday evening so by the Time I release this video tomorrow Morning they will probably have rolled Out their plan even as they cast Themselves in a peace-seeking role Alleged classify intelligence indicates

That they are deeply considering Potentially transferring lethal weapons To Russia we're gonna know how closely These two major superpowers align of More Chinese manufactured weapons or Materials appear in Ukraine after any Proposed peace still is released and After the two autocratic leaders meet For now we're going to continue to watch China even more closely as they Demonstrate their willingness to ride The fence publicly and then privately Support Russians since spyballoons over Other countries what do you think where Does China stand and what is the Country's inevitable goal should the U.S Dramatically scale back its commercial Dealings with the superpower let us know Your opinion in the comments section Below are they to be trusted Giveaway for this week's giveaway we're Going to be giving away a wool blanket And a wool beanie to enroll for a chance To be entered into the giveaway just Simply post a comment below and click The like button next week I'll use a Tool to draw a winner from the comments On this video randomly and I'm not going To reach out to you unless your name Appears on the screen next week and you Must have your email addressed on the About tab of your YouTube profile so Definitely do that now please ignore and Report any comments telling you that

You've won or to contact me through WhatsApp or telegram because that's not Me I don't have apps or I don't have Accounts on either of those apps for Last week's winner of the four pack of 115 hour emergency survival channels the Winner is Dex Moore I'll reach out to You shortly to get that sent to you Winter cold front and heat wave the Northern part of the country is feeling The full impact of winter and the Southern states are experiencing a Record heat creating a 100 degree Difference across the country between The extremes California they're facing Blizzard-like conditions as some Southern Parts look to potential snow For the first time in over a century Airlines canceled over 1300 flights as Violent winter storms and Sub-Zero Temperatures froze some states major Winter storms batter the Northern Plains In Upper Midwest with high winds and Heavy snow on Wednesday forcing hundreds Of schools to close more than 50 million Americans were under winter weather Advisories as with all these extreme Storms hundreds of thousands were left Without power even as temperatures Continue to drop in Michigan 900 000 People were without power as Temperatures drop and snowfall was Estimated at up to two inches per hour And between 12 to 18 inches across a

Great Plains region wherever you find Yourself in this winter weather warm Inside or stuck in your car on an Unmoving freeway I would encourage you To prep to survive stranded or without Power as these major weather events seem At least to me to be happening with Greater frequency and more significant Impact you should review and I would Encourage you to do so our video on four Critical rules to survive a winter power Outage in 24 affordable Winter survival Items to get so you can know that you're Prepared whatever the condition I'll Link to both of those videos at the end Of this video and in the description Section below One thing is sure a whole Man winner is Slow to lead this year which will mean a Fall spring for some plants and pushing Back any planning that you may have Started or planned to start now in a Coming video we're going to show you how To build an indoor grow station to allow Your plants to grow despite low Temperatures or erratic weather patterns Outside you can watch this channel for That video in the coming week or two H5n1 we've been reporting on this over The last several weeks and now we're Seeing a potential spread in humans that May be the beginning of another out of Control pandemic if there is a spread Occurring the winter weather that forces

People into a closed environments with Poor ventilation will reveal any spread There have been 13 cases of h5n1 in Humans detected in Cambodia now I agree With many of the health officials on This that we should not be panicking About it but we shouldn't dismiss it Outright either as we pointed out in Last week's video humans have some Collective immunities against this Influenza type virus though it decimates Some wild animal populations the human And human spread is still very limited To areas in high contact with birds and Wildlife still it is worth mentioning And watching instead of outright Dismissing it it's still a good choice To ensure your cold and flu symptom Alleviating medicines are in place that You have PPE and that you're capable of Quarantine periods these epidemics are Slow to ramp up and there's no cause for Alarm at this point again let me repeat That there's no cause for alarm at this Point but you have to be prepared Remember what Benjamin Franklin wisely Said an ounce of prevention is worth a Pound of cure as always stay safe out There

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