Nuclear Countries Rapidly Coordinating

By | March 4, 2023

Iran appears to be nuclear-capable within almost a week. China and Russia are coordinating to build a closer nuclear relationship. Download the Start Preparing! Survival Guide here: – start your preparedness journey:

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The Doomsday Clock has ticked a few Seconds closer to the end of the world And it may have to click even closer to Midnight after some of the news today Iran China and Russia they're all Building and transacting in nuclear Material at the same time Russia is Warning that the United States is Planning a false flag event on Ukrainian Soil involving toxic substances Iran Russia and China they're all aligning Their nuclear resources in ways that Have never been seen before and to make Matters worse Iran may have nuclear Capabilities within a mere eight days Which may have consequences there's a Lot to uncover and I'll try to unload This as quickly as possible plus stick Around for today's giveaway so let's Unpack this Iran I ran Thompson news today as has Been claimed that the country is about Eight days away from being able to make Enough nuclear fizzle material for one Nuclear bomb while the U.S officials say Iran has grown closer to producing Fiscal material they do not believe it Is mastered the technology actually to Build a bomb this claim was made by Under secretary of defense for policy Colin Kyle to the House of Representatives president Trump Reimposed U.S sanctions on Iran leading To Iran to resume previously banned

Nuclear work and Reviving U.S European And Israeli fears that Iran May seek an Atomic bomb this claim was made on the Last day of February so we can assume Iran could pass as critical nuclear bomb Making breakout time threshold as early As March 9. Iran denies any such Ambition though several facets of their Program can only have this goal as their Inevitable end the international atomic Energy agency is also just confirmed Finding particles enriched up to 83.7 Purity in Iran trans underground Fordonuclear site highly enriched Uranium has a purity of 20 or more and Is used in research reactors weapons Grade geranium on the other hand is 90 Enriched or more to be clear for solely Civil use of nuclear mature on a reactor For generating electricity one only Needs a little over 20 percent Enrichment the UN Watchdog organization Iaea has found four times that level of Purity there can be no doubt that Iran's Nuclear program is hard focused on Enriching uranium to be utilized in Nuclear weapons Kamal karzazi an advisor To the Supreme Leader Ayatollah kamini Has previously stated that Iran has a Technical means to produce a nuclear Bomb but Iran has not decided to build One at the same time videos posted Online by an account believed to be Associated with Iran's paramilitary

Revolutionary guard have threatened to Turn New York City into a heap of rubble From Hell reportedly the regime Threatens to wipe Israel off the map Even if they currently lack the missile Technology to deliver such a warhead They may not be as I'll point out in the Next segment on Russia held back from Delivering a weapon of this nature for Much longer even if they are not the Instigators of a more significant Nuclear exchange the cell trade or gift Of physical material to even more Unstable regimes like North Korea or Russia or to state-sponsor terrorist Groups could result in a nuclear event And presents a clear and present danger Top Israeli officials are set to visit D.C amid concerns over Iran's nuclear Program in 2010 a wave of assassinations Targeting Iranian nuclear scientists Occurred and these assassinations were Widely believed to be the work of Assad Israel's foreign intelligence service According to Iran and Global media Sources that methods used to kill the Scientists are reminiscent of how Mossad Had previously assassinated targets the Assassinations were alleged to be an Attempt to stop Iran's nuclear program Or to ensure that it could not recover Following a strike on Iraq Iranian Nuclear facilities Israel is suspected Of conducting a drone strike on an

Iranian nuclear facility earlier this Year they do have a history of attacking Iranian nuclear facilities and research Centers to keep them from constructing a Nuclear weapon the White House and the Israeli Prime Minister's office they've Declined to comment about a high-level Meeting between the two Israel visit to DC could be to inform Washington of a Direct attack in the future even if it's Not though the nuclear status of the Middle East is alarmingly high at the Moment even as Iran deepens its Anti-American anti-western stance by Building closer ties to Russia even as Much of the headlines are consumed by Russia China and Ukraine it's essential That we keep an eye on the Middle East Conditions there are worsening and the Threat of nuclear escalation has gone From years time to Mere days even to Some regimes deploy brutal tactics to Keep their populations under control the Half-life of uranium Isotopes is Billions of years and with Russia's Assistance such that materials could end Up on the battlefield of Ukraine or Elsewhere in the world I'll cover their Missile and material deals in a moment But first let's talk about Russia the Russian Ukrainian conflict is a war that Is becoming impossible to contain in a Specific region last week Ukraine Allegedly launched several drones deep

Into Russian territory and I say Allegedly because it depends on whom you Talk to initially pro-kremlin social Media accounts reported drones in Various locations including Saint Petersburg airspace was shut down around St Petersburg and two drones were Reported around an oil field and one lit The roof of a supermarket on fire now These multiple drones because of their Lightweight design did not contain a Large amount of explosive material so The damage from them was relatively low They were very likely not navigable with Pinpoint accuracy either because the Damage was so minimal the Kremlin later Circled back and denied at least the Saint Petersburg attack was merely an Air defense drill now this aerosol Directly into deep Russian territory is An attempt by Ukraine to bring the Immediacy of the conflict directly to The Russian people for months the Kremlin has been pushing a narrative That the invasion of Ukraine was the Only option to keep Russia safe while Recent polls reflect that this narrative Has gained traction the immediacy of the War from drones flying overhead and Falling from the sky and exploding will Provide ordinary Russian people with a Moment to reflect and that may Harden Them for the war even more or put Pressure on Putin to not fail at

Russia's air defense in additions to its Denials the Russian defense Ministry Claims that the United States is Planning a provocation in Ukraine using Toxic chemicals are they laying the Groundwork for their own use of chemical Weaponry time will tell but the Implication has put many on high alert Putin retains enough popular support for The war because many will passively Accept the conflict as long as their Treasure and children are not directly Involved the earlier mobilization Created a tremendous backlash but it Also drained Russia of dissenters as Hundreds of causes of conscriptable men Fled over the borders Russian strategy Was then to conscript prisoners and Foreigners from Russian satellite Countries in more rural areas that don't Share the same news coverage as the Cities now Putin's efforts are to obtain Soldiers from foreign countries Iranian-back Hezbollah has begun Recruiting Palestinians in Lebanon how Many Palestinians have been recruited to Fight for Russia it's unclear still it Is enough that approximately 300 Individuals have already completed rapid Training in Russia and are being Deployed to the front lines there are Younger individuals especially Individuals who have been trained in the Use of drones now a second feeder source

For soldiers has been Fighters directly From the Syrian irregular forces in Exchange for this human support the Director of the CIA claims that Russia Is very likely helping Iran with its Advanced missile program he said that Russia is proposing to help the Iranians On their missile program and also at Least considering the possibility of Providing fighter aircraft to Iran as Well now Iran's missile program is a Threat that is in lockstep with its Nuclear program though the Kremlin Initially denied it it is well Established that Russia is using Iranian Drones in Ukraine how deep that Partnership and budding Alliance are Becoming has now come to light Moscow And Tehran they plan to build a new Factory in Russia that could make at Least 6 000 iranian-designed drones for The war in Ukraine the latest sign of Deepening cooperation between these two Nations the ground hasn't been broken on The one billion dollar Factor yet so the New Iranian drone model won't appear on The battlefield anytime soon however These events of recruitment exchange of Arminence and the future aligned Military Endeavors demonstrate an Alliance that is bent on not just Defeating the west and Ukraine but Hellbent on destroying the West the United States in particular these duels

With Tehran with what can also assumably Be assistance with long-range missile Technology and enrichment Endeavors is An alarming recent escalation of the Nuclear threat posed by the Iranian Regime vocally advocating for the Complete destruction of the West it also Makes a world question too what dark Deals Moscow has made with other hostile And unstable regimes like North Korea in Other news related to Russia Finland has Begun constructing a 200 kilometer fence On its Russian border amid fears that Moscow could use migrant flows along the Border for political purposes Finland Saw an influx of Russians in September After President Putin ordered the Mobilization of reservas to fight in Ukraine in response to Russia's Ukraine Invasion Finland opted for more Significant support and protection last May by applying to join NATO on Wednesday the parliament voted to move That forward Finland and Sweden they Seek to be a package entry into NATO but Turkey currently objects the Sweden Hungary's Parliament is debating both Countries entry into NATO right now There's some indication that sanctions May be working more effectively this Week but I don't believe all the hype in The media the Japanese government has Decided to add more individual tools and Institutions including the Russian

Private military company Wagner group to His list of sanctions in relations to Russia's invasion of Ukraine sanctions In an unseasonable warm winter for many Have resulted in nearly 2 million Barrels of Russian diesel in storage at Sea at least for the moment that means That Russia has a difficult time finding Buyers for its crude oil that might seem Like great news to many but 2 million Barrels of diesel isn't that much when You consider Russia's ship 1.85 million Barrels per day to India in February Russia exports 2.3 million barrels per Day to China it has also been revealed That Russian oil is heading to ports in West Africa on Friday a Russian tanker Arrived in Ghana carrying about 600 000 Barrels of Russian Krug and the region Of Africa produces an abundance of oil On its own so this move is likely to Repackage or otherwise secretly offload The oil into the World Market the Embargoes and price caps are designed to Keep Russian energy flowing to Global Markets while hitting the revenue the Kremlin can generate for its War efforts At some point the future checks the Kremlin is running for deals with Iran Along with the country's Cut Rate price To sell oil we'll find revenue and Decline with expenses increasing the Hope is that this will force a policy Shift in Russia right now it really just

Seems to be encouraging a new axis of Powers to develop the reality that you Don't often hear a reported is that on Paper Russia's revenue is down 40 Percent on the sell of the crude oil However Russia can still sell most of Its oil above the price cap and demand For Russian crude outside of Europe has Remained strong thanks to Russia's Shadow Fleet of tankers designed to Circumvent sanctions these gray ships Have questionable ownership are growing And are suspected to have ties directly To Russia it can equally be assumed that The money flow is also shadowy and Circumvents the normal monitoring Processes at least some of that sweet Crude may be used to sweeten future Deals for supplies of weapons and Technology to fuel the Russian war Machine while the West preliminarily is Concluding that the conflict in Ukraine Will inevitably result in Russia being a Shattered military power there is no Denying that the conflict in Ukraine Will have a long lasting impact on the Country of Russia Russia is staring into A population abyss of declining birth Rate as hundreds of thousands of men go To war or otherwise flee the country to Avoid going to war sending waves of Soldiers onto the battlefield compounded By immigration will hasten Russia's Birth rate decline experts predict that

The birth rate in Russia will drop to The lowest levels in modern history when Birth rates decline following the Collapse of the Soviet Union Putin's Government paid mothers thousands to Have more children still it is unclear Whether Russia has the funds for such a Program again now or in the foreseeable Future it's not surprising therefore That Putin is turning to other countries At least in the case of Ukraine Russia Is simply filling the void of the Population decline by literally stealing Ukrainian children several maripole Residents were recently shocked at Seeing children formally of their Community paraded across the stage of a Moscow celebration of the anniversary of The invasion since the beginning of the Invasion an unknown amount of children Have been shipped off to Russia the Safety of these children remain a global Concern polling will this week launch a Joint initiative with the European Commission to trace Ukrainian children Who have been abducted and taken to Russia during the ongoing war in Ukraine As well as to ensure those responsible Are brought to Justice also a group of 98 polish police officers has just Recently returned from an operation kept Secret until now to denying areas in Ukraine one back from Russian occupation The team cleared over 342 thousand

Square meters of land and over 17.5 Kilometers of Roads while that's not a Tremendous amount of area it is a direct Evidence of boots on the ground Confirming what many fear an armed Encounter between NATO and Russian Forces almost seems inevitable at this Point an armed encounter between troops Will be the spark that will very likely Ignite a much more significant all-out World War what do you think are Sanctions and embargoes working or are They deepening a dark secret Anti-western Alliance will we see that Massive Russian offensive with a warmer Weather or will Ukrainian drone and Long-range missiles strikes chip away at The resolve of the Russian people let us Know your thoughts and opinions in the Comments below Giveaway for this week's giveaway we're Going to be giving away a folding saw to Be eligible for a chance to win in this Giveaway just simply post a comment Below and click the like button next Week I'll use the tool to draw a winner From the comments on this video randomly I'm not going to reach out to you unless Your name appears on the screen next Week and you must have your email Address listed on the about tab of your YouTube profile please please please Ignore and Report any comments telling You that you want or contact me through

WhatsApp or telegram because it's not me For the last week's winner of the Military tactical backpack the winner is A subscriber grumpy Acres Farm I'll Reach out to you shortly to get that Sent to you China The plutonium trade is a newfound Russian business dealing these days as Recent Chinese Imports of Russian Uranium have sparked fear of a new arms Race on the same day in December of 2022 When Chinese and U.S diplomats said They'd held constructive talks to reduce Military tensions Russian Engineers Delivered a massive load of nuclear fuel To a remote island just 220 kilometers That's 124 miles off taiwan's northern Coast when the fast breeder reactor is Operational China will be able to Increase its stockpile of warheads by 400 percent in the next 12 years According to many military analysts that Would put China's nuclear Arsenal at Around 1500 Warheads by 2035. China has Paid Russia reported 384 million dollars For the 25 000 kilograms of nuclear fuel China is also building a factory in the Gansu Province designed to extract Plutonium from the reactor spent fuel so What could possibly go wrong with this Situation seriously though talks Negotiations between the United States And China May soon bring a nuclear Edge

To them Russia has grown increasingly Dependent on China since Putin's year Old invasion of Ukraine prompted Unprecedented International sanctions it Could be argued that if China quit Russia like the rest of the world the War in Ukraine would cease to exist China doesn't have the best safety Record so this new plant has some added Concerns this week FBI director Christopher Ray said that the bureau Believes covid-19 most likely originated In a Chinese government-controlled lab When we explored the origins of the Virus on this channel years ago we Couldn't rule out the same conclusion Unique to this novel virus was its long Incubation period of up to seven days Which is well beyond standard safety and Quarantine parameters for the Wuhan Institute of virology while I don't Think China intentionally launched the Virus as doing so obviously came with a Dramatic downturn in their own economy The Accidental release has always been a Strong possibility the origin of kovid Will probably always be one for Speculation but if there is any truth to A potential leak scenario it further Underscores China's poor safety record That's cause for alarm as they escalate Both peaceful and wartime nuclear Endeavors right now we're also watching For a coming wave of outbreaks of h5n1

Bird flu the latest case is a 50 year Old woman from a province in Eastern China according to the World Health Organization she developed symptoms on January 31st after exposure to poultry And tested positive sometime in February Her current condition is unknown and Last week an 11 year old girl in Cambodia died of the same Avian Influenza after dachshund chickens at Her home died suddenly her father a 49 Year old man tested positive a few days Later but did not become seriously ill I Personally have very little concern About a major outbreak at the same level That we saw with covid but a more Extensive human to human transmission Spread is very probable fortunately Unlike covid our human bodies do have Some experience recognizing and fighting Off h5n1 as it is an influenza type Virus it's something that we're going to Be keeping on our Radars now turning to The South China Sea China has also been Making tremendous progress and is Rapidly nearing the completion of a Secret Naval Base capable of servicing Aircraft carriers dangerously close to Cambodia's Coast reports began to emerge Last year that China was leasing appear On the island of Rheem still a Cambodian Official firmly denied the allegations And responded by sing granting access to The base would violate cambodia's

Constitution it would also violate the 1991 Paris peace agreements that ended The Cambodian Civil War still a U.S Official claims to have seen an early Draft of a secret deal between Cambodia And China that would allow China to use A base for 30 years storing weapons Posting military personnel and birthing Warships this is significant because This chinese-bases location is far from China and it would also give Beijing a New Southern flank on the South China Sea and only its second overseas Naval Foothold after a base in East Africa China makes these two provocative Nuclear learn military advances even as They pretend to be a peace broker with Their recently released 12-point plan to Bring peace to Ukraine the plan was said To be more of a position paper as it was Flatly rejected by the West Ukraine and Now Russia we paid a lot of attention to Our Chinese friend's plan kremlin's Spokesman Dimitri peskov said adding That for now we don't see any of the Conditions that are needed to bring this Whole story towards peace China wishes To be viewed as a positive force in an Emerging New World Order yep they are Secretly building military bases with Cambodia in secretly massive amounts of Nuclear material maintaining close ties With Russia purchasing Cut Rate oil to Support the Russian regime and inking

Future deals secretly and openly that Support Russia and enrich their own Country now at the same time the US is Floating to its allies the possibility Of sanctions on China should Beijing Continue to or escalate its material Support to Russia Chinese Tech has Already shown up on the Ukrainian Battlefield and as we reported last week There's a very high likelihood that more Is on the way the Ukrainian conflict has Settled in the grinding trench warfare With Russia running low on Munitions Ukraine and its supporters fear that Supplies from China would tilt the Conflict to Russia's Advantage sanctions Like those designed to Target Chinese Banks could as we see with Russia just Create a scenario where China could be Forced to consider decreasing its Exports to the west and Europe in favor Of stoking newer revenue streams with Brics countries sanctions don't seem to Be working with North Korea Iran or Russia so they're not likely to have too Grave an impact on China either now I Know we covered a lot and there's a lot Happening in the world in at this very Time I've spoken to several people Offline and in person and the events That we're seeing unfolding and playing On really bring us into a new chapter Especially with this nuclear alignment Between Iran China and Russia for me

It's very concerning the proliferation Of nuclear weapons is never a good Situation in countries that are openly Declaring war and openly seek to destroy Other nations are beginning to get this Technology so that's always a concern my Encouragement is always is to continue To prepare don't give an a fear but Continue to stay focused on your preps There's a lot happening and I don't Think there's going to be any signs of This slowing down anytime soon so Continue to work on your preps as always Stay safe out there

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